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It has been a privilege to work with and serve our many amazing clients over these last 26 hunting years. We’ve developed many fun and solid friendships that we otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for you.

Normally we would be busy with our calendar, constructing next seasons schedule with you in mind. But, we have officially retired and must inform you of our discontinuance of business as Great Expectations Hunting Preserve. After 26 consecutive years of good friends, good dogs and good hunting it is time for us to turn the page to a new chapter in our lives. The hunting preserve property is for sale, but we will retain and continue to live on our 400 ac. home place.

Brogen and Emma were married last May and they have taken a “primo” job with the Horseshoe Curve Hunting Preserve up near Pendleton Oregon. They will continue the hunting tradition and ethics that were learned here over the years. We wish them the best of luck!

Our shutting down creates some new opportunities for you and your friends that you might not have thought about if not for us closing down. We know how much you look forward to your yearly gathering with your friends that many of you see only that one time a year when you come to hunt with us. There are several hunting preserves in the state to select from and we wish the best.

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Here are a few of the farewell messages we’ve received from our devoted clients and friends:

*Jerry Kitty!

Just got your letter and am just thrilled for you both! Your have really busted your buns all that time. You more than deserve it.

Retirement is so sweet! I know you will both be just as busy but doing things you love for sure.

I want to thank you for all the fantastic memories and service I enjoyed at GE. You always went our of your way to accommodate and take care of us. Again thank you both for making the best memories ever!!!



Congratulations on retirement. It’s where we’re all trying to get too.. First off I want to say thanks to you and Kitty for all the great times we spent with you. My family grew up going to Great Expectations. We always felt like family to you folks. The lodge is home. I stole some ideas from the lodge in designing and building our new home here. Are you still doing Sundog and have the resources to sell my shotgun or should we ship it back to me. If we are ever down your way we will stop bye to say hey.

Great memories

Great Expectations

Your friend,



Received your letter of retirement on Friday. We have been expecting it, but had hoped it might not come for another year.

I’ am very thankful for the many years that you & Kitty welcomed us into your life and showed us an incredible experience & friendship.

The many wonderful memories we have will be cherished for sure. I wish you great happiness & low stress in your retirement my friend.

Many thanks, grw

*Howdy Jerry

Bitter sweet news I must say, but totally understand your decision to retire, people are becoming a pain in the ass and we all seem to be getting older without are consent.

I think it has been 16 years of hunting at Great Expectations all the trips have been the best and I thank you for providing the business model that has allowed me and my friends to look forward to coming every year.

I wish you and Kitty the best and want you to know how much I have appreciated all you have done. Thanks So much and Congratulations on another chapter in life, please feel free to stop in our contact me.

Sincerely, Manuel

*Jerry and Kitty,

We received your letter about closing down Great Expectations. We just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our trips to your place over the years. Your hospitality, professionalism, friendliness, great hunting and all around good times rank your operation among the top anywhere.

Stop by and see us if you ever get over to the valley and have a few minutes to spare. We can tour you through our new office in Wilsonville and take you to lunch or whatever.

We will sure miss seeing you guys at Great Expectations but wish you all the best on your next chapter in life. Send us an photo or update if you are out on some of those exotic hunting or sightseeing trips. Even if they aren’t exotic, you’re probably doing something cool!

Stay well, and we hope to see you guys around.

Victor and Mike


Received you letter last week and was saddened by the closing of your most excellent preserve but happy that you and Kitty will have some time to relax and enjoy less stressful lives. I won’t bother to say retirement as I know your energy level will keep you quite busy. ( I also hope there are no significant health issues behind the closing.)

Best of luck to both of you and if you give me a heads-up when you are coming to Bend, I’ll buy you lunch or dinner.

Best Regards,


*Jerry and Kitty,

Your letter took us by surprise! I want you to know that we have the fondest memories of your hospitality and property. We also wish you the best of times in your retirement.


Eric and Bob

*Kitty & Jerry,

I apologize for taking this long to write to you both, but it was truly a heart breaker to read that letter and see that Great Expectations was going to be no more… I’m sure that I am not the only one disappointed in your decision to shut it down, but I wanted you both to know how much me and my family has enjoyed your hospitality and property over the years. Our children have been going there since they were both in diapers and I can’t tell you how special it was for me to finally see Jourdan in the field with us taking his first rooster. What you created there at Great Expectations was more than just a hunting experience, it was a life experience in many ways for families like mine. I can’t think of any other point in the year that our family looked more forward too, than the trip we took to your place each year. So while you may have created a successful business, please know that you created so much more for people like me.

So while I am still quite bummed over your decision, I do understand. A very heartfelt “Thank You” for all the years out there and for all the memories. My little black Lab had her ashes scattered out there on the property some years ago and her name plaque is wedged in an old knot hole in one of the big Juniper’s out by the front entrance. I hope you don’t mind if I stop to see it some time when I’m through there.

Congratulations to the both of you for what you created and what you did. I also wish you all the luck and happiness in whatever it is you do next.

Thanks again!


*Kitty and Jerry,
Glad for you guys and good luck in retirement! Sad for me as I was hoping to come hunting with some friends. Hoping to cross paths with you down the road.


*Hi Kitty and Jerry,
Got your retirement announcement. Congratulations and best wishes as you move on to a new life phase. We have such great memories of our times at the lodge and visiting with you all. Hope you enjoy your summer on the home place.
Love to you both,

Cheryl and John