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Over the past 20+ years we have been asked many times about dog training and if we would train a clients dog(s). Now that we have established most of the fields and buildings the way we want them, we have decided that we will have the time to devote to a full time training program. This summer we built and installed 10 new dog kennels complete with its own septic and watering system. The new kennels are 6 ft. wide by 31 feet long with 10’ covered concrete and 21’ of graveled run for each one of them. This was a huge investment and commitment to offering you and your dog nothing but the very best in facilities and a friendly, learning environment.

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Great Expectations ~ 3 different Dog training packages


This is for a trained dog that has hunted before and has some experience, but has become lazy by being spoiled or just doesn’t get into very many birds during a season and requires some structure obedience . This package usually consists of two days of 2 hours in the morning and afternoon of each day with a trainer & utilizing 3 Chukars or Pheasants for each session (6 per day). The total cost for Professional trainer and birds is $195.00 per day per dog.


This is for a young “green” dog or puppy with no experience in obedience or hunting. Dogs must be at least 4 months old and have had all vaccinations and worming. This is an inclusive package that entails basic obedience, field commands and obedience, and food. Any veterinary bills incurred during the time the dog is with us is extra. This is a 2 to 3 month program at $700 per month. At the end of the training program your dog is be able to Sit, come, fetch, whoa, point, and some retrieving. One day will be spent with you the owner to match you up to the dogs new commands. We do not train for “wing & shot”, flushing breeds and the dog will not necessarily retrieve to hand.


This is a comprehensive package that requires 3 to 4 months and is intended to finish your dog to the highest standards of the pointing breeds for hunting upland birds. It is the same as the TRAINING PKG. with a more complete finish to your dogs abilities and field attitude. Dogs in this program must have the “genetic push” and natural hunting desire from good breeding. We reserve the right to discontinue any training program at any time, with payment only for the time spent on the dogs training up to that point. $650 per month.

Of course there will be many variations of what a hunter wants from his dog and we hope to be able to provide a service that will give you great satisfaction and many years of enjoyment.

Please feel free to contact Jerry for any concerns, ideas, questions you might have.
Keep your powder dry and your dog on the ground ~

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